Primato Pugliese was born from the passion for unique design and high quality handcrafted productions. Its goal is to become open flag on national and international cultural and artisan Pugliese craftmanship, to be a place which brings together the talents of all artisan excellences, through virtual workshops.

The "Primato Pugliese - handmade excellence" then, wants to support the culture of craftmanship and facilitate the search for finest hand-made productions, providing all the tools to be able to identify excellence in production and satisfy the unique needs of those who are seeking high quality.

A virtual workshop that shortens distances and allow everyone, even the most distant, to recognize and enter into direct contact with the producers, who will respond with their fine art, to the demands of style and elegance for goods related to the person, those dedicated to home or to personal passions. Primato Pugliese, in fact, is a real search engine which helps the scouting of artisan realities that are recognizable by category and the quality of the product.


Primato Pugliese is a magnifying glass on careful and slow movements of the masters.

Primato Pugliese wants to capture the frames of the long days where the fingers, carefully, follow the edges and carve the bittersweet tones of wood. The craftsmanship is the result of an addition of ancient movements that have traveled through time, bringing with them the baggage of history and attention.

Craftsmanship is the faces of humanity that still choose to build, using the tools and patience, enjoying the feel of the materials, the smell of dust, the plots of textures, which are knotted and unleashed under the fingers.

Inside the shops that have the flavor of a place furnished by experience, with the lights calm and soothed of the slowness and precision, with the floors on which the years have painted canvases and the time paints the daily rituals, heritage of the wisdom.
The sounds to mark the passing hours, the jingle bold on rough stone, the patter of the ardor of the ovens to bake the pottery, the beat and the upbeat, like music, atavistic, by the pedal of sewing machine. The intense heat of melted gold along the peaks of files, changing from the fusion of metal alloys, the whole body working together, hands, eyes, fingers, every muscle engaged in a sequence of movements related to weaves that couldn't be refined any further.

All this must be testified, to understand how valuable is the construction of a work of art.

Via Margherita di Savoia, 115
70017 Putignano (BA) - Italy
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